Kree is a mIRC based trigger bot, owned and operated by Koroku/Scipio. It is based in Minnesota, and is currently run off of a FlashDrive on a Windows XP Home laptop.

Currently, Kree publically resides in:
#aredmoon@rizon ~ #dats@rizon ~ #kree@rizon
#tweakanime@rizon ~ #rumi@rizon ~ #dats@irchighway
#rozen-fansubs@rizon ~ #tshnn@rizon
#zoids-anime@rizon ~ #nice-boat@rizon
#nice-boat@anisubs ~ #zero-raws@anisubs

If you'd like to enlist Kree, please contact me... I'm the guy with ~ in #dats. You'll need your channel name, group name, and a project I'm hopefully somewhat interested in. Or if you just want him for staff triggers, I'll need the channel key.

Please note that Kree is not an XDCC Bot, only a trigger bot. I am unable to provide groups with XDCC Bots for the most part. Maybe if I like you though... you can use [aRM]Subaru ^_~

Updates are all done manually at the moment, and so please don't request usage of Kree if you have no patience. :)

Feel free to give thanks for Kree and leave a post in the nest! Guests can post <3

[Semi-]Recently Triggered
[DATS] Kyo Kara Maoh! 3rd Season - 05 (83) [h264][5DFD456D].mkv ~ !kkm05h
[DATS] Kyo Kara Maoh! 3rd Season - 05 (83) [XviD][977DF852].avi ~ !kkm05x
[Rumi]_Nabari_no_Ou_05_[1280x720][H264]_[B44606D7].mkv ~ !nno05
[Rumi]_Nabari_no_Ou_05_[704x400][H264]_[86E22300].mkv ~ !nno05
[Tweak-DATS] Candy Boy ONA [H264][7BE04B50].mkv ~ !cb00h
[Tweak-DATS] Candy Boy ONA [XVID][ACB08B49].avi ~ !cb00x
[Rozen-TSHNN] Toshokan Sensou 02 XviD 704x400 [E7288CFF].avi ~ !ts02
[Rozen-TSHNN] Toshokan Sensou 02 H264 1280x720 [82B4C3BE].mkv ~ !ts02

Available/Fun Triggers
!givegregpizza ~ !nothing ~ !newrelease
!cake ~ !condom ~ !shotas ~ !rein ~ !peak